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Real Estate & Investments


Residential and Commercial Properties

Working with Investors to Build for the Future


Our entrepreneurial investment approach employs creative, value-enhancing strategies to maximize returns. C-KAR adds value through the adaptive reuse of existing properties while seeking revenue generation and capital structuring opportunities through its aggressive, hands-on management.


C-KAR’s vertically integrated platform features property management, acquisitions and finance, accounting/reporting and investor relations.  We boast a team of seasoned professionals from a diversity of institutional and entrepreneurial backgrounds – including all aspects of real estate investment, economics, management, risk control, and investor relations.


Some Key Areas of Expertise


  • Identifying Properties for Specialized Business Plans

  • Condo Conversion

  • TOPA Compliance

  • Military Housing

  • Senior’s Relocation Services to Retirement Communities and Assisted Living

  • Remodeling, Refurbishing, Excavation and Demolition

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