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Our consulting services include our working alongside investors, executives, internal acquisition teams, property managers and leasing departments. Our services primarily focused on real estate include, but are not limited to:


  • Property level due diligence, acquiring local building and other permits

  • Recommendation and managing selected companies for construction and structural projects

  • Financial modeling, expense analysis and preparation

  • Site inspections

  • Market research for leasing and sales data, evaluation of acquisition opportunities and the development of buy/sell recommendations

  • Develop and pursue a clearly devised investment strategy

  • Focus on cash flow predictability and consistency, capital appreciation and overall value-maximization

  • Portfolio Analysis versus Organization’s Mission, Goals and Business Strategy

  • Analysis of Lease, Purchase, Sale-Leaseback and Other Scenarios

  • Occupancy Cost Analysis, Condo Conversions, TOPA compliance and negotiations

  • Lease Comparisons, Restructure, Expansions and Consolidations

  • Impact of Real Estate Transactions on Financial Statements

  • Benchmarking and Tracking Key Measurement or Performance Metrics

  • Detailed Sensitivity Analysis and What If Analysis

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